About PALS social skills program

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About PALS social skills program


Since September 2011 Stantonfields Pre-school has been running the PALS program, when we started with a small group of children as a trial.  After the ten weeks of sessions we felt the benefits of the sessions were so great that we now give all the children the opportunity to take part during their time with us, depending on parental permission. Each week a different skill is taught through the use of puppets, which act out a story which poses a social problem.  The children then discuss how they could solve the problem and the puppets then act out the solution. Sessions also include learning songs and playing games.   Each session is backed up by a parent handout which explain what the child has learnt and how parents can support it at home so the child can practise their new skills. The sessions run once a week  for ten weeks and last for 20 minutes.

The skills taught are:
1. Greeting others 6. Identifying feelings
2. Taking turns; talking and listening 7. Empathy
3. Taking turns at play 8. Overcoming fear and anxiety
4. Sharing 9. Managing frustration
5. Asking for help 10. Calming down and speaking up


Our staff member, Samira is our PALS Co-ordinator and she runs our  PALS sessions.  If you would like any further information about the programme or have any questions please come and speak to Samira and she will be more than happy to to talk to you about PALS.



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