Write dance

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Write dance


We use Write Dance in Pre-school as it is designed to appeal to very little children. Songs and Actions are introduced to the children through a series of specially written stories, actions and original music.  The stories feature two characters called Yoyo and Meema.


As part of the Write Dance programme the children are taught to explore letter shapes through sensory play. This is called scrimbling.  You could try this with your child at home.  You could use sand, lentils or shaving foam.

Children need plenty of time and space to practice these shapes before they are ready to write.

Does Write dance support the EYFS?

Write Dance supports the Early Years Foundation Stage in the following ways –

  • It promotes confidence and self-esteem.
  • Children have fun while they are learning.
  • It ensures all children have the opportunity to become familiar with movements that support writing and formation of numerals. This means that children are more willing and confident to write using a range of tools.
  • It develops physical strength particularly shoulder muscles. This means children become more aware of posture and special awareness.
  • It allows children to be expressive and dynamic with their bodies as they move in time with the music – whether indoors or outside they can learn how to express themselves safely.




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