Spring 2013

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We have had a busy and enjoyable spring term with lots of fun and enjoyable activities for the children, staff and parents.


In march we arranged a visit from a farm.  They brought a rage of animals including a goat, a pig, a pony, geese, ducks and lambs.  The children experienced touching the different animals and learnt some facts about them.  We discussed how each animal felt different, the noises they make, how chickens lay eggs and how the sheep’s coat is used to make wool.  We felt this day enabled children who have not visited a farm before to experience something new and all of the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it.


Morning (68)        Morning (69) Morning (71) Morning (72) Morning (78) Morning (80)                Morning (95)


Easter Workshop

Just before easter we held a craft workshop for parents.  The children and their parents worked together to make different easter crafts and the parents learnt how their children learnt and developed their skills through these activities.  The children were able to make cards, bunny ears, decorate biscuits, make a coaster, decorate candles and make key rings and bracelet. The workshop proved to be a huge success.  We had lots of good feed back from parents who attended and we are planning to hold another workshop soon.



Easter egg hunt

On the last day of term we had an easter egg hunt. We invited the parents to join us and lots came to join in the fun.  We hid  numbered eggs all around the playground and the children and their parents went to look for them and then recognise the number.   Everyone who joined in with the hunt received a treat at the end.


We are now looking forward to an exciting summer term.  We will be watching caterpillars turn into butterflies, tadpoles turn into frogs and chicks hatching!

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