News Autumn 2014

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News Autumn 2014

New Manager

There have been exciting new changes at Stantonfields Pre-school the school year.  We have a new Manager in place, Angela Parsons , Who have worked at Stantonfields Preschool for twelve years.  Angela replaces Marilyn Lewis who retired in July 2014 after 29 years of working with pre-school.  Angela has lots of exciting new ideas for pre-school in the coming months!

Keyworker appointments

We recently held Keyworker appointments to discuss the children’s Initial assessments with their parents.  We would like to thank all the parents who attended.  The staff enjoyed getting to know their key children’s families and offer advice and support.

Stay and read

On the 16th October we held our first stay and read of the year.  We read ‘Peace at Last” by Jill Murphy, to the children and their Parents and Grandparents.  Families were able to read along with their own copy of the book and some of the children used masks to be the bears in the book.  If you would like to borrow a copy of the book please speak to a member of staff.

Events coming up

Open day/AGM 13th November 2014

Children in Need 14th November 2014

Christmas workshop

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